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EPISODE GUIDE - Series 11 (2016)


St Helens, Tasmania


Paul is fishing off the coast of St Helens Tasmania, where they have a 45 minute run to the Continental Shelf.  Paul reckons Tasmania’s got it all when it comes to epic fisheries.  In this weekend’s Paul Worsteling’s IFISH with Tackle World, he’s joined by India Thompson, a 17 year old Tassie angler who has pitted herself against one of the most epic creatures of the sea, the Broadbill Swordfish, on more than one occasion.  Grab a spot on the couch this Sunday and tune into ONE at 5.30pm to watch India go head to head with these majestic creatures of the deep!


Tauranga, New Zealand


This Sunday on Paul Worsteling’s IFISH with Tackle World, Paul is back fishing the waters out from Tauranga, off New Zealand’s North Island.  With local guru, Nomad Sportfishing New Zealand’s Ben Pokaia, it’s the iconic Yellowtail Kingfish he’s come for. It’s a great session of jigging for kingies in the Bay of Plenty and Paul just loves Ben’s work!!


Wagga Wagga, New South Wales


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Hervey Bay, Queensland


It's an action packed episode of Paul Worsteling's IFISH with Tackle World this Sunday. The Black Marlin are thick on the flats of Hervey Bay and Paul and Cristy are on a mission. Andrew Chorley puts them on the spot and there is a serious amount of Black Marlin aerial action. Tune in to see some serious Queensland flats blacks. 


Melville Island, Northern Territory


What happens when you put Matt Wright the Outback Wrangler with Paul Worsteling the Outback Angler in the waters off Melville Island in the NT with their sights set on an iconic Top End species?  Well you get big fish stories, croc chasing yarns and an awesome session on the steam train ‘croakers’!  Don’t miss this epic half hour of Paul Worsteling’s IFISH with Tackle World this Sunday on ONE, for an action packed fishing adventure with the Northern Territory’s famous Croc Chaser!!


Kangaroo Island, South Australia


The Worsteling family, Paul, Cristy and Jet are set for a huge KGW session in this week’s episode of Paul Worsteling’s IFISH with Tackle World.  They’re fishing off Western River on SA’s Kangaroo Island and are aboard local gun guide Gavin Solly’s, Kangaroo Island Fishing Adventures vessel.

There’s lots of fun and excitement as it looks like they may have a family fishing trifecta!! With bent nibble tips and lots of laughs, the Worsteling’s have a great day out chasing the iconic King George Whiting!


Coral Bay, Western Australia


Paul is in Western Australia this week fishing the waters of Coral Bay.  He’s with his old mate Matt Gates from Tackle World Exmouth and his fav fishing buddy, his young son, Jet Reef.  Spangled Emperor is what the boys have come to Coral Bay to find.  With excited shouts of triple hook up and long epic fights the guys have a red hot session!  Tune in to Paul Worsteling’s IFISH with Tackle World this Sunday on ONE at 5.30pm for a piece of the action!


Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania


On Paul Worsteling’s IFISH with Tackle World this Sunday on ONE at 5.30pm, Paul is back fishing one of the top Tasmanian east coast fisheries.  He’s out from Eaglehawk Neck and aboard Paul’s Stabicraft is local fishing gun Locki Nichols. Paul and Locki have Southern Bluefin Tuna in their sights but as it turns out the day belongs to the mighty Tassie Albacore!


Howick Island, Queensland


Paul is back fishing in Far North Queensland this week on Paul Worsteling’s IFISH with Tackle World and he’s fishing in a turquoise blue hole just off Howick Island.  It’s a matter of lock it up and hang on, in this incredible fish rich shallow water session.  The Bass are in solid numbers and the ‘trevors’ are thick.  Sit back and enjoy this epic blue hole fishing episode!


Te Anau, New Zealand


This week on Paul Worsteling’s IFISH with Tackle World, Paul is excited to be back fishing the trout rich waters of New Zealand’s South Island. He’s based in the town of Te Anau and his guide is local fishing legend Mark Wallace of Mark Wallace Distinctive Fishing Experiences.

Amongst the spectacular fiords New Zealand is so famous for, Paul is fly fishing and Browns and Rainbows are what he’s come to find. Tune in to see this epic session where Paul is hoping to get his fly over some huge NZ trout! This episode is pure fishing adventure!!


Cervantes, Western Australia


Paul is joined this week on Paul Worsteling’s IFISH with Tackle World by local Western Australian fisho Tom Hughes. Tom is the very first winner of the IFISH Apprentice Competition from 2012. His prize was an amazing fishing trip to the NT’s Melville Island to learn from Paul all the tricks of the trade. In this IFISH episode Paul and Tom have joined forces again in the WA fishing town of Cervantes and they have Western Australian Dhufish in their sights. Aboard the cray boat Shak Attack the boys head out into the Indian Ocean to try for this iconic WA species. Tune in to see if the Apprentice has finally become the Master!!


Shady Camp, Northern Territory


This Sunday on Paul Worsteling’s IFISH with Tackle World Paul’s in the Northern Territory and he’s fishing with local guru and old mate Shane Compain of Tackle World Coolalinga. They’re fishing Shady Camp for the iconic Barramundi. The weather turns wild but the boys reckon there’s still a pretty good chance of smackin those chromed up barra the Northern Territory is so famous for. Paul’s lovin being back in the Top End again!


Kangaroo Island, South Australia


This Sunday Paul Worsteling’s IFISH with Tackle World visits a location we have never seen before on the show, to target an old favourite. Paul is fishing the pristine wilderness of Kangaroo Island off the South Australian coast and he is joined by local guru Mark (Westy) West. The fishing grounds are fish rich and Westy is a real character. Tune in to see this hot KGW session!


St Helens, Tasmania


This Sunday on Paul Worsteling’s IFISH with Tackle World Paul pits himself against a formidable fish, commonly known as the gladiator of the sea. The mighty Broadbill Swordfish is what Paul has come to Tasmania’s east coast fishery off St Helens to find. Paul is there in the name of scientific research and a lifelong dream. He’s joined by Sean Tracey and Locki Nichols from IMAS, the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, who will attempt to deploy a satellite tag, if one of these amazing beasts can be brought along boatside. You just can’t miss this epic session of man versus a giant of the sea!


Exmouth, Western Australia


Fishing as we all know is a universal sport enjoyed by all ages. This Sunday on Paul Worsteling’s IFISH with Tackle World we get to see our great sport through the eyes of the young. Paul and the family are in Exmouth, WA and Jet, Paul’s young son, is with one of his mates Will Roche a local Exmouth lad. Will has a favourite ‘Jack’ creek and the boys set their sights on the iconic Mangrove Jack. Tune in to see why at days end Paul ends up dripping wet amidst howls of laughter from the boys!


Tydeman Reef, Queensland


Join Paul and guide Andrew Hervey on Paul Worstelings IFISH with Tackle World this Sunday on ONE at 5.30pm as the boys fight hungry sharks in an effort to land a fresh sushi dinner.

Paul and Andrew are just off Tydeman Reef, in Far North Queensland and are trolling for yellowfin tuna. With reels screaming and shouts of double hook ups, this is an epic tuna session not to be missed.


Pooncarie, New South Wales


When someone is known locally as the Cod King, then you’re rest assured, your chances of pulling in a Murray Cod are pretty good.

But when he says we’re fishing for ‘cod off the top’ then it makes it a bit more interesting.

On Paul Worsteling’s IFISH with Tackle World this Sunday on ONE at 5.30pm you’ll see Paul fishing with CODMAC’s Rod Mackenzie near Pooncarie, NSW and it’s that surface implosion ‘boof’ they’re waiting for.

Cod hit hard and go tough in the snags, let’s see if the boys can outsmart this iconic Australian species.

Will it be ‘Cod Gold’!


Tauranga, New Zealand


Paul gets to fish with some pretty amazing people while filming and in this weekend’s episode of Paul Worsteling’s IFISH with Tackle World he’s with returned veteran Darren Robinson, who is with the Soldier On organisation, doing some great work with our returned forces.

The setting is the Bay of Plenty on New Zealand’s North Island and it’s an early morning start from the wharf at Trinity Wharf Hotel, Tauranga. Robbo’s guns are put to the test as he and Paul battle the mighty NZ Yellowtail Kingfish. The boys are lovin fishing across the Tasman!


Cullen Bay, Northern Territory


Nothing better than when you have a skipper who puts you right over the spot!
Tune in this Sunday on ONE at 5.30pm to Paul Worsteling’s IFISH with Tackle World and see just how good it gets over an isolated reef off the Darwin coast.
Paul is fishing with Shane Compain of Arafura Bluewater Charters on the mothership, Wai Nawana and the conditions are mint.
Paul reckons you should ‘come to the N.T.’ as you’ll be pretty sure to catch some stonking fish with the Arafura Bluewater boys.


Southern Claremont Isles, Queensland


Welcome back to another sensational season of Network TEN’s Paul Worsteling’s IFISH with Tackle World. 

Paul and the IFISH crew have been travelling the country meeting new faces and seeing new places and we are pumped to say that Series 11 will be a cracker!  We kick off with an episode this Sunday that was filmed in the Coral Sea, off the Far North Queensland coast.  

Paul’s decided to mix it up a bit and fish with the fly. He is fishing with Sam Ritson, the chef on board the mothership, who not only is a great cook but a very handy fisherman!

Gotta love the water to plate concept ..Yes Chef!!








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