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Tammisaari, Finland


It’s an awesome episode of Paul Worsteling’s IFISH with Tackle World this Saturday on TEN.  Paul is fishing the brackish waters of the Baltic Sea, near the famous fishing village of Tammisaari, in Finland. For expert local knowledge he is with Markku Tiusanen, Rapala’s Pro Guide and it’s the iconic Northern Pike they’re casting for.   Whilst in Finland Paul, Cristy and Jet are really excited to be invited inside the Rapala factory, notably the most famous lure factory in the world! A must see episode for everyone who has ever looked at their lures and wondered ‘how are these made’?


Tackleworld Store Of The Week

Tackle World Scarborough

21 Scarborough Beach Rd
(PO Box 92)
Scarborough  WA  6019
Ph: 08 9245 1313


Target Species: Northern Pike
Tackle Rat:

Spotters Sunglasses

ENGEL: Gear Of Choice:

Shimano Curado 300E reel, Beast Master SDR rod, 30lb Fins braid Fishing & Boating Tip:

Braid to lure, no leader required when you just want to get your lure to where the fish are before they move away.

Everdure Edibility Rating out of 5:

Catch and Release Only




The world’s largest manufacturer of fishing lures.
For plenty of fish catching action




Mono fishing line for exceptional castability
and outstanding abrasion resistance.

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Visit Finland


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